Teen Choice

Students at the Robert Goddard High School receive SEL
support through our CBO partner Teen Choice (TC). TC
supports students through 1-1 and group counseling, through
school clubs, paid fellowship programs, summer job
placement, resume building, listening to music, playing
games, having "real open talk" and just helping students find
a safe, fun, resourceful space to gather where students may
receive snacks and a smile. Recently, Goddard Social Work
Interns decided they wanted to inspire Goddard students with
a “Board of Inspiration.” This is how it works: Students
come into the TC room, decide what topic (Love, Hope,
Kindness, Confidence, Faith, Peace, Self-Control, Patience,
Humility) may inspire them for the day, and they take a
quote from an envelope. Students are then encouraged to
write a quote to inspire a peer and leave it in the "suggestion
box". The Goddard Interns retrieve the handwritten quotes
and type them up for placement in the correct envelope to
pay forward additional inspiration to other students.

Broken Crayons

"Broken Crayons Still Color"

Today, the Inwood House Teen Choice Team at Robert H Goddard High School in Queens, held their annual "Nobody Eats Alone" event for DOE Respect for All Week. Valerie Worthy and the entire Goddard Social Work Interns (SWI) and Peer Leaders Team presented students with snacks and gifts to promote the concept of coming together and ensuring that no matter what, no one must eat alone.
decorative image of pencils During the event, Valerie asked students to give their perspective of what "Respect for All" means. Three students stepped up to the microphone, and expressed the following:

 Student 1- "Respect for all means to know that everyone deserves to be treated kindly no matter what race they are"
Student 2- " Kindness comes in every race, and should not exclude individual's with disabilities, or gender identities"
Each of the above students received a beautiful, posted notebook, and two special gift cards.
 Teen Choice also announced they are running a contest in honor of "Respect for All Week", entitled :"Broken Crayons Still Color". Jamira, Isabella, and Julia, SWI created the beautiful banner pictured below, to showcase our contest. Students were asked to express their thoughts on what they believe this phrase means. The students will have all week to submit their answers, and three lucky winners will receive some beautiful gifts.

"Broken Crayons Still Color"

-Valerie Worthy



Goddard Interns and Ms. Worthy held a Domestic Violence/No Violence of Any Kind tabling entitled, "These Hands Don't Hurt". We challenged the students to come to our table, draw their hands, and write a positive message or even their names inside of the hand, to stand in solidarity with Teen Choice against any type of violence.

It was an amazing turnout, and students stood online to ensure they were able to get their names on the non-violence paper that now hangs in the hallway outside of the Teen Choice room.

Banner HDH 3


Students HDH 1