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This online tool gives parents the ability to closely view their child's grades and performance over the course of the school year. In addition, parents can directly contact teachers through the Jupiter website 

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Programming Policy

As a college and career high school, we design student programs with the intent of ensuring that students are on track for the Advanced Regents Diploma and are able to take Advanced Placement Courses. Our goal is for students to graduate in 4-years while preparing them for the college entrance requirements and rigorous college level work. Programming decisions are made in line with this philosophy. For example, Teachers, Assistant Principals, and the Programming Chairperson recommend students, based on academic performance, for AP courses. As a small high school programming flexibility is limited. Therefore, students who are programmed in line with our philosophy above are to remain in their current classes and college preparatory program.

Academic Discipline

To improve attendance and minimize student lateness we have instituted an Academic Lunch detention program to provide students with the opportunity to be on track with their academics. Furthermore, to ensure that all students stay on track towards graduating high school in four years we have implemented an academic policy that requires students to pass their classes prior to attending a school dance or senior event. This policy ensures that students work hard in all of their classes so they can be college and career ready.



Meet our Parent Coordinator

Ms.Valeen Gonzalez

Goddard's parent coordinator,  is dedicated to facilitating parent and school engagement. The Parent Coordinator, provides families with information and resources regarding all aspects of Goddard life.
Please contact the Parent Coordinator if you have questions and feel free to reach out to her if you're not sure where to direct your concerns.


Goddard PTA

The PTA at Goddard High School is committed to Parent Involvement. As a Parent Teacher's Association, we come together MONTHLY to provide valuable information about school programs, policies, and events. We rely on our
teachers to educate our students and we rely more so for our parents to support.

PTA Executive Board of Robert H. Goddard High School

Co-Presidents:  Anne Petras  &  Maribell Perez-Mcdaniel

Vice President:  Meryl Rosen

Treasurer:  Veronica Gottlieb

 Recording Secretary:  Samantha Ramos