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       Teen Choice Newsletter 1/2019

Breast Cancer Awareness

Today Teen Choice held a "Breast Cancer Awareness" tabling event at Goddard High School.   There were games, gifts, gift cards,candy and much more, but most importantly students were provided with important information on how to be proactive in the fight against breast cancer. The information outlined for students how to complete self examinations, and how important it is to get mammograms after you reach a certain age.
Breast Cancer is not only present in women, and Teen Choice created such a discussion platform  with our young male students to understand how this can affect them, and how they too have to be proactive in this fight.

National Coming Out Day

Wednesday, October 11th was "National  Coming Out Day", and Teen Choice jumped into gear at Goddard High School displaying a beautiful array of LGBTQ pictures, candy, ribbons, and literature. Young people were able to visit the table, and answer questions that won them various gifts including planners, pens, and various other items.   

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