Teen Choice "Respect for All" and "National School Choice Week" Event!

Today the interns and I held a tabling event for "Respect for All" and "National School Choice Week".  We decorated the table with food, scarves (provided by the DOE) pens, bottles, and other giveaways (see pic below). We were given tablets by the DOE for the students to write a sentence about "Why I love my school".  To encourage the students to be a part of the event, we added a first place (Harlem Globe Trotter Tickets) and second place (Wireless I Phone Chargers) prize for the best written sentences.  

The students began running to the table, and as an added surprise we began throwing the yellow scarfs that had the logo "School Choice Week" written on it out into the crowd. 

You can imagine the fun everyone had. 

Dr. B chose the winning entry, the winners were announced over the loud speaker.

It was an amazing event.  

In closing, the interns and I had an amazing time, and we can't thank Ms. Rose C. enough for allowing us to be a part of the National School Choice Week celebration.

The students writings will be displayed in the hallway on the third floor of the building so teachers, school staff, parents and visitors will have a chance to read what the beautiful sentences students wrote.

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