• Robert Goddard

Valentine's Day Events

Teen Choice held a full day event at  Robert H Goddard HS in Queens on Friday, February 14th!

  1. We had the Gibney Dance Team at Goddard to do the dance production of "Hands are for Holding".  It was  part of our Healthy Relationship, Teen Dating Violence, No One Eats Alone, and Respect for All Week event.

  2. We began the event with a tabling event that allowed students to come and retrieve pamphlets with information on the above mentioned subjects, and also give them a chance to ask questions they may have about any of the topics. We played games, and then asked the students to go around and introduce themselves to someone they did not know. Once the students made the introduction, we then  invited them all to come to our huge snack table (see pics below) and enjoy a snack while they get to know each other better (No One Eats Alone).

  3. It was amazing.  We had  students from both lunch periods, and they had such a awesome time.  We had several students tell us that "Teen Choice is the best, and because of today I have new friends" .  AWESOME!!!!

  4. We ended the event with two afternoon assemblies,  with a performance by The Gibney Dance Team, Hands are for Holding, and motivational speakers Aaron Thomas and his partner from Safe Care Express.  Safe Care Express is a group of individuals who speak with young adults especially gang affiliated troubled youth, to provide positive role models. Safe Care Express speak from the perspective of former incarcerated and gang members who are now dedicating their lives to ensuring young adults don't make the same mistake they did.

  5. Gibney Dance Team was amazing (see pics below), and I would encourage each of you to have them perform at your sites. The kids loved them. Safe Care Express was amazing also, the kids truly did not want them to leave.

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